Well, in essence we are out to be different to make a difference, MAD.

Our mission is to identify and support those with a passion and will to deliver improvement for all in need, it matters not if humanity or planet. What does matter is to support those with social responsibility and passion to make a difference.

To assist these people in developing social enterprises so they can first support themselves and then drive their passion to achieve their own MAD goals . We will also directly support other charitable organizations within the limit of our resources.

We are the first building block of a ‘Missing Kind’ network.
The second is in Norfolk, a CIC organization Breathing Space, designed to operate as a retreat centre for women, later developing into a respite care facility for all gender.
The Missing Sock venue, tMS, is the first of our enterprises to fund this objective, a not for profit organization paying for the needs of those that work and volunteer for it.
tMS is a family friendly venue, a second home. Original and quirky, designed for interaction of all ages, and cultures…..a Finding Place!
On selective nights we’ll also develop our ‘Corporate Expression’ evenings, operated by the corporate team to develop and demonstrate team cooperation and corporate responsibility in the community.
So lots to look forward to, make sure you register and stay up-to-date!

And all that’s just for starters… so stay tuned.

If you want to find out more about us, feel free to visit our other websites and projects we are working on, we like or we support.

the Emerging Kind

Pairing-up Socks

The Missing Socks of Cambridge and Torbay join together to sponsor ‘the Emerging Kind’ project.  Katie’s initiative designed to inspire recovery from mental breakdown.

Profits from both venues for 2017 will be donated to ‘the Missing Kind’ charity to facilitate tEK and promote mental health care in their local communities.

Breathing Space Logo

The place for women on their own or with friends to come and relax, just ‘Breathe’ and feel the stresses of everyday life fall away, re-charge, re-energise and feel uplifted …  a warm and friendly welcome always awaits.

Whether a single person or a large group we are here to make your stay a memorable one.

About Us - The Missing Kind

Our Vision

A compassionate world built on sensitivity, sharing and sufficiency.

Our Mission

To support dedicated individuals, empowering them to make their difference; to people, planet and animals, without boundary.

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