Grand Sock Reunion
tMS Cambridge will be opening in April with the Grand Sock Reunion. For our inaugural event we are aiming high… to Reunite 1000 socks. Odd socks are arriving in their hundreds. The Founder of tMS who nicknamed himself the ‘Socfinder’ in jest and teased the locals about a special event was quoted “Oh! **** (pooh) its too late to stop it, i just have to pull my socks up to make it happen”. An exasperated Mr H said “it really is no joke, they arrive in the post everyday, on the doorstop, some thrown in the garden, yesterday some odd-ball joker nailed a washing line to our new fence hanging a row of odd socks and then two more tucked under my car wiper blades, its like a bl**** orphanage”.
It’s no joke said Mr H… “it will be an emotional event for sure, some are so desperate to solve the missing sock phenomena”, taking a deep breath… “Take this then, we have all heard how weird those South Africans are, a Professor Englebrecht of Stellenbosch University in South Africa who chairs the Cape study group, coincidentally abbreviated to TMS will be attending the event with two research assistants”.
For those in search of a missing sock, viewing will commence at 10a.m on the 1st. To simplify the finding process, whites and lighter colours will start from Cambridge culminating with the blacks in Newmarket. If the response continues we anticipate socks to be lining both sides of the A1303, police will re-open the road at 5p.m. Diversions will be in place and the A14 slip road will be closed, police have warned not to park on the A14 carriageway, tow-a-ways will be operated.