Sock & Roll
Our diners can expect entertainment on a rising scale of social activity. Depending on the night and atmosphere, the planned activity at tMS can be anything from just friendly communication & witty banter, to a ‘red-alert’ crescendo of spontaneous percussion, song, dance and slapstick… we may even capture this on film for playback in the bar! You can opt out, of course, by sitting in one of our safe zones and simply watching the events unfold before you… whatever your taste on the night is all good with us.
There will also be opportunities for private functions, corporate expression nights, and various other events that will arise as we conjure them up. Once a month, for example, you’ll have the opportunity to host or attend a tMS charity auction… helping to support our local and international affiliate charities.
Each and every day, however, the mainstay of interesting quirks throughout the tMS house will remain. You can share in the hard-to-find wisdom quotes, or even retreat to the calm of the snug to indulge in a spot of quiet time.
So plenty to look forward to people, keep your eyes peeled!