So what is it all about?
Well, in essence we are out to be different to make a difference, MAD. Our mission is to identify and support those with a passion and will to deliver improvement for all matter in need, it matters not to us if humanity or planet. What does matter is to support those with social responsibility and passion to make a difference, To assist these people in developing social enterprises so they can first support themselves and then drive their passion to achieve their own MAD goals . We will also directly support other charitable organisations within the limit of our resources.
We are the first building block of a ‘missing Kind’ network, the second has already been secured in Norfolk, a CIC organisation Breathing Space, designed to operate as a retreat centre for women, later developing into a respite care facility for all gender
The Missing Sock venue, tMS, is the first of our enterprises to fund this objective, a not for profit organisation paying for the needs of those that work and volunteer for it.
tMS is an interactive restaurant and celebration venue offering healthy, original international food and drink with options for self-cooking. A family friendly venue, a second home. Orignal and quirky, designed for interaction of all ages, and cultures…..a Finding Place!
A little further down the line, we’ll also develop our ‘Kids Restaurant Club’ idea, where the kids are in charge and can learn how to run a restaurant their way. A place where the kids bring the elders and become the staff, experimenting with food, developing new skills and learning how to manage activities of kindness, respect and appreciation.
On selective nights we’ll also develop our ‘Corporate Expression’ evenings, operated by the corporate team to develop and demonstrate team cooperation and corporate responsibility in the community.
So lots to look forward to, make sure you register and stay up-to-date!
And all that’s just for starters… so stay tuned.
An eye for an eye…
…will make the whole world blind