Join Us

If you’re after a normal, run-o-the-mill job, then you’re probably in the wrong place. If it’s a life-changing experience you’re after… a tangible opportunity and encouraging personal development you seek, then read on.
tMS Cambridge is the first in what we hope will become an international network of Missing Socks worldwide… all built on tMS core values. A mix of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, township shabeens, mobile tea vans and whatever else drives our like-minded friends will pop up far and wide. If people share tMS values and passion, we will help in every way we can to make it happen.
tMS isn’t particularly interested in your academic achievement, or the letters after your name or how flowery you can pen a story. We’re a little more interested in your hospitality experience, but mostly it’s your passion for life and for tMS values that gets us excited. If you truly connect with our values and objectives then we may well make a great partnership and you should get in touch!
All you need is complete attachment to your objectives, a passion for the achievement of your own dream based on the objectives of tMS, and a 24/7 mentality that means you will always have the desire and time to be connected to your tMS project.
Entertain With Us
Join a tMS entertainment club, facilitated by tMS at Cambridge. Clubs are a great place to showcase your energy and talent with music, dance, plays, comedy… all with guest interaction. Your club would be supported & funded through tMS to create entertainment and togetherness in the local community, to operate the annual wisdom trail, to develop the harmony of age, music and fun. Contact with your ideas!
Work With Us
We need core and casual staff to support tMS. You may have experience in restaurants, kitchens, coffee shops… or maybe no commercial experience at all, but a passion to happily serve and interact is all you need to fit in at tMS.
Partner Us
If you really have passion for not just our values, but also to develop a business model of your own in the hospitality industry, tMS could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Contact for a truly unique proposition.
Volunteer With Us
Volunteering at The Missing Sock is all about social interaction, passion for people, sharing wisdom and encouraging kindness. All you’re asked to do is interact with our guests in a fun and friendly environment… and have fun!
Volunteering can open up so many opportunities to the right person… the chance to show genuine care for others, to have a memorable night out (for free!), to laugh with others, to play the fool amongst others of a similar nature, to share your talent through our entertainments club, to meet new friends, and most importantly, to be part of a community.
We are all blessed in so many ways, and the greatest gift is being able to share and be part of something that promotes harmony between all ages, singles and groups. At The Missing Sock, it is our mission to create a place everyone feels comfortable and welcome.
So if you’re interested, please email and get involved!