tMS is Limited British registered company, limited by guarantee and not-for-profit. It is the pledge of the Directors that no salary payments will be made to any Director or Investor beyond the repayment of the loan and the most basic interest attached to that loan. Only reimbursement of out of pocket expenses driectly relating to the business and social work activities of tMS will be awarded

tMS exists to make a difference to our guests and the communities with which we interact. We exist firstly to make a profitable business in order to support and fund projects and also to pay our staff fair wages and give them professional opportunities for career development. Volunteers working for tMS will be given refreshment all found accomodation during their stay

Starting 1st April 2010, the joke we never quite got! Our first 3 years has been challenging as we tweak the model to make vaible. Socfinder got it wrong big style, the meaning of a destination venue has finally sunk home. Our forecast for the coming year will be a small operational profit, albeit we have a large unpaid loan from the sponsor.
We continued to invest heavy to improve our facilities to make it an attractive destination venue with much to offer for all age groups. A rethink on revenue streams has resulted in registering as a Caravan Club site and converting some of our spaces to a B&B. We have invested in the grounds to make it a unique wedding and celebrations venue and expect to prosper from this in the years to come. Next phase is to professionalise our venue for mid week business coinferences and develop outside catering
Our aspirations to expand the tMS concept are advancing with support to setting up a respite centre, ‘Breathing Space’ in Hickling, Norfolk. More significantly the development of a community and a holding charitable Trust ‘The Mising Kind’