tMS Constitution

tMS is a Social Enterprise organisation funding its objectives through commercial endeavour. It’s designed to support dedicated and selfless individuals who are serving unconditionally and without discrimination in the areas of health, human rights, social needs or education. We offer respite leisure for individuals dedicated to their cause and supply them within their financial means.


  • To create a team of like-minded people to deliver the values of tMS, remunerated on the basis of their need, and to give all of those partners a voice in the pursuit of these objectives.
  • To establish a fun and distinguished self-sustainable hospitality business.
  • To develop a community through a volunteer network, some of whom will become inner residential community members receiving community facilities and care, inclusive of remuneration for needs.
  • To promote well-being in all aspects of life, and be open minded to continuous learning
  • To support those like minded individuals who have will and acumen to create independent social enterprise organisations to further their cause
  • To offer our resources to support like minded individuals and groups throughout humanity.
  • To promote inter-generational activities and mutual respect of generations.
  • To be active in freedom of expression in the pursuit of equality in humanity.
  • To remain neutral of any affiliation, religion or otherwise, whilst remaining free to support such organisations in pursuit of these objectives. We will be subjective with our politics, and corrective at time of haste.
Our Mission for the tMS Venue at Stow-cum-Wow!…..
  • To establish a profitable international brand of hospitality based on genuine care and motives.
  • To create a healthy, considerate and tactile experience. To develop a reputation for innovative methods, products & services, quirky entertainment, interactive fun, music, dance and drama. To create a family friendly venue offering something for all ages
  • To reinvest all monetary gains into the development of the tMS network as a social enterprise institution to promote well being, kindness and support of this planet, developing opportunity, self esteem and purpose for both young and old.
Our Statement on Kindness…
tMS means to be kind, innovative and thoughtful in all its activities, products and services. We do not hide our intent for profit nor for the purpose of that profitability. Amongst all the publicity, politics and erroneous knowledge, we will listen, debate and take the consensus of our people to do the best we can. We pledge to improve our contribution to life and the planet.
We respect criticism, mistakes and change as essential ingredients in the development of tMS. In the words of that old adage… “it is the limited knowledge we have that sometimes prevents us acquiring the knowledge we need.”
We may falter in our quest as we negotiate the compromise between commerce and social advancement, as we smile through our teeth in those moments of compromise, grabbing a rude customer by the testicles and ejecting through the window is not good for business or health; our compromise has been not to open the window first!
We will fail many times on our journey; it is this failure that will also be our success!
Go well!
Following the lead of Ghandi……There is enough in the world for everyone’s need…
…but not for everyone’s greed