Second Home
Starting 1st January 2011 is the introduction of tMS Second Home concept, a founding value of tMS. With hindsight it is not possible to convert 95% of the people to 5% of the viewpoint, consumer reality must prevail to sustain life styles and the tMS model. This is a connection zone, a Finding Place, a Second Home for like minded tMS activists, an inspiration to inspire. An area where integration, participation and exchange is a prerequisite.
For those who wish for free exchange of time , knowledge and conversation. A Finding place where conversation, fun and comfort will prevail, a place constructed and shared by those sharing in it. All users will have a say, you may even have to get your own drinks and you may even have to pay more for that privilege. Criticism of service or cuisine may result in a hosting apron or a Chef’s hat.
The structure and qualification for users will develop with time. Easier to say what its not ….
Not a place suited to all for sure
Not for individuals wishing to remain anonymous or insular
Not a place for watching TV
Not a place for a conventional dining experience
Not a place for mobile phones
Not for chatting up the ladies…. Oh dear! I can feel an expulsion coming on.
The boundaries are yet to be drawn including that of physical demarcation. Let the evolution process take its course, may be just one nerd reading quotes in the staff loo.
Feedback always welcome…