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tMS are not in deliberate competition with any restaurant, coffee lounge or late night bar. We believe in developing genuine hospitality, innovation and kindness throughout the hospitality industry. In our quest to develop such a network we will gladly recommend any local establishment where we feel affiliation.
A few other links which may inspire your thinking…..


DailyGood is an inspiring quote, a related good-news story, and a simple action — delivered to your inbox for free by volunteers every day. Just a ripple a day, simply to spread the good.



KarmaTube is a collection of short, “do something” videos coupled with simple actions that every viewer can take. Our mission is to spread the good. Thank you for your partnership in service.



CharityFocus is an experiment in the joy of giving. Our services enable inspired people to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them. Together, we hope to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”


Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a tranquil converted barn set in the heart of rural Norfolk a mile from the sea, close to the Broads, and a step outside the door into the countryside. A place of finding, sadly for us chaps it is for ladies only


The New Visionaries

New visionaries see Life as the most amazing breathtaking experience. We are Soleira & Santari Green — two new visionaries who are passionately collaborating with others around the world, to assist everyone in reaching their greatest potential!


Widowed World

Whether man or woman, becoming widowed feels like stepping into an alternative reality, the widowed world, where everything around us seems familiar and yet all is irrevocably changed because our partner has died.



ProPoor is an internet portal that provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. ProPoor is not a funding organization.


Daily Bread

Daily Bread Co-operative is a workers co-operative. We sell a large range of Wholefoods from Dried Apricots to Olives and more! We also have good Social Objectives which define our business



HelpOthers.org — kindness is contagious. A portal dedicated to small acts of kindness.


Planet Whale and Whalefest

An organisation designed to make a difference to marine conservation. Whalefest 2011 was part sponsored by ‘the Missing sock’. Don’t miss this annual event, volunteers always wanted to join in the fun.