Celebrating a Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary?

We can tailor the day to suit your interests and passions.

With so many unique area’s there is something for everyone

Our Snug room seats 15
The Double Decker Bus/Karaoke Lounge Seats 30

Dining/Function room Seats 60
The Coffee Lounge has plenty of room to mingle for 100 guests

Varied menus with international and local cuisine.

Karaoke spaces, indoor and outdoor stages for live music.

Garden fire pit and pizza oven perfect for outdoor meals

An extensive beer and wine selection and cocktail bar that stays open until 3am.

On-the-spot photography streaming live on video screens throughout the venue, and a complimentary slide show for the guest of honour.

Personalized music playlists, which you can hear across the venue for your pleasure.

***As a social enterprise, tMS supports humanitarian causes by our commercial endeavour. Our surplus income (defined as profit, dividends, commissions or Director Salaries in a typical commercial company) forms a substantial contribution towards one of our supported charitable causes. Upon booking, we can dedicate a measurable, sustainable charitable project to clients and can include a bi-yearly update on the value of that humanitarian investment. A list of options will be offered one month before the event***