Our venue provides great spaces for corporate team-building, work celebrations, and entertainment.

To ensure a professional, interactive event, our tMS project coordinator will work with your company on every aspect of the event (ex: role selection, scripts, rehearsals, training, slide show templates, customised gift design, charity auction, etc. ). 

As a social enterprise, we also offer the unique chance to link your corporate event to community activities or self-sustaining business projects.Please see our Venue Hire page for more detailed descriptions of venue options.

We also offer:

Web cams for those requesting live internet streaming of video.

Varied menus with international and local cuisine.

Indoor and outdoor stages for live music and other entertainment.

Garden fire pit and pizza oven perfect for outdoor meals.

To discuss options of how we can personalize this event for your company, contact finder@themissingsock.co.uk

***As a social enterprise, tMS supports humanitarian causes by our commercial endeavour. Our surplus income (defined as profit, dividends, commissions or Director salaries in a typical commercial company) forms a substantial contribution towards one of our supported charitable causes. Upon booking, we can dedicate a measurable, sustainable charitable project to clients and can include a bi-yearly update on the value of that humanitarian investment. A list of options will be offered one month before the event***