Welcome to The Missing Sock Events Venue!

If you are looking for something different to celebrate your occasion, something fun, relaxed and purposeful then stop awhile here!  Read on!

Our main business is to host celebrations and events in an alternative and ethical manner,  we are still in transition to make The Missing Sock a ‘kindahappy venue’, we are challenged to put back the ‘Missing Kind’ into society through our commercial endeavours.

Our restaurant is currently  limited in its opening as we develop a new ethos for the Sock’s future, more akin to the ‘kindahappy’ movement.  So please call before you visit

Ideal space for Business Events

A great venue inside and out, great for alternative conferencing, exhibitions, team building.
Flexible and fun with customised and interactive food options
For enquiries call 01223 812660 or email finder@themissingsock.co.uk
Licenced to Marry!
We offer a fun and quirky celebration venue, flexible to your needs, with unique features and food, a place for all the family to relax and enjoy, a memorable outdoor party space for your friends.  Licenced to hold the marriage  ceremony indoors or out

What is special about The Missing Sock?

  • Relaxed and flexible, a kick-your-shoes off ambience.
  • Probably the quirkiest venue outside of London
  • A unique celebrations venue for parties, weddings and family gatherings
  • Personalized audio and visual system throughout the venue
  • Indoor and outdoor stages and projectors
  • Secret garden, firepit and BBQ for the more relaxed private party
  • Marquee and Bedouin tent option for garden parties
  • Karaoke double decker bus and sundowner lounge
  • Firepit hot-pots and pow-wows
  • Wood fired garden pizza oven



  • Mystic hookha tent with vapour shisha to share
  • A family friendly venue at all times
  • Enclosed children’s play area
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Kids movie room
  • A place to get married and celebrate marriage
  • A weekend restaurant
Our Social purpose…..It’s a venue suited well to free-spirited souls, those that like community, to integrate and share fits well with our ethos. We are not beyond a bit of bartering.
More importantly, tMS is a Social Enterprise, many of us volunteer and others are paid for their needs. Working to deliver with a purpose, to support the development of Kindness Warriors,  those  who unconditionally think and act for social justice and equality.
All profits from tMS are donated to the charity  ’The Missing Kind’(tMK).  To create sustainable Social Enterprises to support these individuals and their visions for change
tMS has been the catalyst for the ‘kindahappy’ movement, our ’kindakafe’ in Norwich and the charity tMK

What is the Missing Sock great at?

Business events and corporate entertainment and make a difference.  tMS will  create and customise ethical events to serve your company needs

  • well-being therapy breaks
  • organic cuisine
  • outdoor activities
  • chill out zones
  • alternative conferencing

Business Events with a Social Conscience

Leave it us, let us help you fulfil your social responsibilities to the community and planet.

We offer much more than alternative venue for your business needs

  • Become an accredited kindakompany
  • Support a local kindness warrior
  • Help make your town be the kindest kindatown of UK
  • Fund local initiatives, let us pioneer on your behalf

Be Kindest to the unkind… …they need it the most

Great Atmosphere

It’s not every day you’re greeted by a barman wearing an afro wig, or a chef wearing a feathered Indian warbonnet. It’s also not every day the maitre d’ speaks to you using a sock on their hand as a puppet. And it’s certainly not every day you sit in a bathroom made almost entirely out of glass.

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Wedding Venue

For your special day, we can offer a genuine and unique experience, thinking outside the box to make this celebration what you want it to be. We can offer packages, but as you will see we are not a canned venue and design the event specifically to suit your needs. Just get in touch to find out more about our weddings.

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